Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

​This is a info graphic to show what happened during the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. We did a great amount of research and lots of reading to get keys facts. We then created the info graphic to portray our message and the facts. We told the story of this environmental crisis, and we hope you enjoy.

Annotated bibliography

The Valdez Oil Spill | ExxonMobil."
The Valdez Oil Spill | ExxonMobil. Exxonmobil, n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2013. <http://www.exxonmobil.com/Corporate/about_issues_valdez.aspx>.

This source is from the “Exxon mobil” company it self. This source provides great explanations about what happened, and what they tried to do to fix the issue. It gives us exact dates and times as to when the crisis happened. I feel as though the purpose of this article is to include facts and great understanding about what the company did, and the things that had to be put in place to fix the problem they caused. The purpose of this article is to explain what happened, why the oil spill happened, and they things they did to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

This is a useful source because it provides knowledge of how the oil spill happened, not so much of who caused it, but what was then occured afterwards. Nonetheless, compared to other sources, this source does give me a better take on things because it’s from the company it self. This coruse is a primary source giving great detail. But companies do like to live out important facts, to make there selves look better than anythings. Looking at other sources I realized that they include other facts and important facts that Exxon Mobil company doesn’t about the situation.

This source is helpful because it answers the three questions I need in order to complete this project.. It helps me realize that companies dp make mistakes, but do they learn form them? For example, this source  is discussing  what happened the day of March 24, 1989. How the oil company Exxon Mobil Oil company had a spilled in the Alaska waters. The company admits that, and this source helps me realize it.

"Exxon Valdez | Emergency Management | US EPA." EPA. Environmental Protection Agency, n.d. Web. 31 Mar. 2013. <http://www.epa.gov/osweroe1/content/learning/exxon.htm>.

This source is from the “EPA” a company that cleans up and protects the US environment from companies that could possibly affect it. this source provides what caused the Exxon oil spill, and what the company did wrong. site gives great understanding about who and what the oil spill affected, and what harm it caused. This site gives 3 things that the company did in order to fix the oil spill, and how it helped and how it didn’t help. The purpose of the article is to explain what, why, and how the oil spill happened. The things the EPA and Exxon company did in order to help and fix it.

This is a useful source because it provides useful information about what happened. Dicussing all the things put in place to take care of the crisis. However, compared to other sources, this source seems to be more detailed about what was put in place in order to help the crisis. After refering to other websites I noticed that it focuses on what happened to the land, what exxon did, and how some cleans up worked and some didn’t. In the end the goal of this source is to provide great understanding about what the company did to fix it and how it all started. I want to know how the land was in danger.

This source helps me because it answers several of my questions and give me a

"Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Facts." Oceana. N.p.. Web. 30 Mar 2013. <http://oceana.org/en/our-work/stop-ocean-pollution/oil-pollution/learn-act/exxon-valdez-oil-spill-facts>.

This source is from the site Oceana. This site looks at the ocean and how we are treating it. This article is used to give a brief explanation of what happened at the oil spill and facts about the spill. Most of the facts that are on the site are statistics about the spill and they are some of the more surprising facts.

This source is useful for its short and concise facts. These facts hold big information in a small package. For this project having important facts that are easy to read will help push our points forward without overwhelming the readers. Even though this site has a lot of facts it doesn't give detailed information on what happened and how people reacted to the spill. Further research would have to accompany this source.

Aside for the facts on the site it doesn't give any other information about the company or how people reacted. Having a site with just statistics about the oil spill will not answer all the questions needed for the projects. This source will still help but not all the way. In the project we can still use the facts from this site. They will add information that will show the quantity of the spill.

Cutler J. Cleveland (Lead Author);NOAA (Content Source);Peter Saundry (Topic Editor) "Exxon Valdez oil spill". In: Encyclopedia of Earth. Eds. Cutler J. Cleveland (Washington, D.C.: Environmental Information Coalition, National Council for Science and the Environment). [First published in the Encyclopedia of Earth June 9, 2010; Last revised Date February 20, 2013; Retrieved March 30, 2013 <http://www.eoearth.org/article/Exxon_Valdez_oil_spill?topic=58075>

This source is from the The Encyclopedia Of The Earth. Just as the title says this site has information on the Earth. This source has extensive information on this oil spill. The site has different sections to it addressing different topics. The have things like events leading up to the spill, short line treatment, and long term effects. This site shows a wide range of information on the oil spill.

This site is useful for it bountiful amount of information on the oil spill. going through this site and extracting the information will add more information to the project. Also from the range of information we can show how the spill affected different things and how bad it was.

With this large amount of information on the spill we will have a much better understanding of what was going on. Also we would see how people reacted to the spill and how it was handled. This directly goes with the project that we are doing. All the essential questions can be answered.

Created by, Sarena Shuman, Merrik Saunders.
Exxon Oil Spill