Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Infographic

Something that went well with this project is that we were able to break things up evenly and assist one another here and there. We each became experts with a certain time frame of the accident and were able to summarize each part to the whole group. 

The only flaw in our project was that it was hard to incorporate everything into a visually appealing project. We only displayed the event and what was harmed/killed, but we didn't get to incorporate how it happened or how it was improved because it was just due to lack of preparation for disasters.

Something to consider for next time is adding more information or show symbols for things on how it happened or what was going on. 

The areas we excelled in as a group were graciousnss, visual appeal, transparency, accuracy, creativity, it was different, it was concise, and it was varied but not repetitive. The areas we didn't represent so much were the knowledge we learned wasn't portrayed in the infographic as much as it should have been because it was hard to incorporate it into the project in an appealing manner.