Fahrenheit 451 Podcast #3

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Oluwadamilola Akinboro (Student 2022)
Oluwadamilola Akinboro

I really liked the perspective you all brought to this story. I also like how you explained the ending. My group read this book too, so it was cool to see your own observations on this story and especially the author and his intentions for the meaning of the book.

Maya Robinson (Student 2022)
Maya Robinson

I like that even though there was a lot of confusion, you still tried to make sense of it all. From what I remember when I read this book there was a big societal aspect that mimicked real life to an extreme but I think that was something you all pointed out well.

Piper McConnell (Student 2022)
Piper McConnell

You guys are really enjoyable to listen to and your conversation flows pretty well. I thought it was insightful how you guys acknowledged the fact that the author is writing about how books are good, but also that you were confused about the lack of justification and what he was trying to prove.