FASFA Application

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Uyen Nguyen Reflection 

D band 

Our task is to print out a  "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" to complete the process. Over all it was challenge to do research and find everything that was required to complete the project. However, it was much easier to finish with a partner. We split up the work and help each other though each process from printing out the paper, getting all of the information that we needed to fill out the application to summarized everything we've done in a flowchart. 

Before making a flowchart process, first we sat down and filled out the paper application and tried to figure out all of the information that will be included in the paper process. It was really straight forward, however it was not an easy process because we had a lot of missing informations. Therefore, we actually have to keep in hands a list of informations/paper that we need in able to speed up the paper process. Though there were  a lot of questions and text, but with the help from each other and with all of the materials that we have we were able to get though the process. 

If I could change one thing about the bureaucratic process that my partner and I flow charted, I think the both of us will put more information to make the process less confusing and more reasonable. Even though we included majority of the important information and process, we might have left out little progress that might be useful to some people. Therefore, it's really important to include everything we have in the chart to make sure we are helping others 100%.  

I do not believe that the system is complicated at all, in my opinion, we the people are making the system complicated and not the system it selve. Some of the part might be complicated due to many inconveniences and because people might have abused the system in the pass. However, it it not the big reason why it' seem complicated. It's because we are not putting enough time to read and find the right way to get though the process without delay.