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This slide represent the 2 main activities that express me. The title is called Step Up its a movie that has dance offs and dance battles. These pictures explain the moves I do when im dancing and it describes my passion of how I like cheerleading and dancing. I used the cheerleading pictures to explain the move I used when im up at cheer offs and ready to cheer. I used the dancing pictures to explain of the moves I used. My title is large bolded text so it can bring the slide out and catch the person eye. This slide express me as much as my personality.

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Kimberly Barnes (Student 2018)
Kimberly Barnes

I love the colors you picked. PINK all day!!! I also liked how you made Step Up big so that we can know what your slide is about. I also like your pictures they expressed your passion for dance. You only have one punctuation error, and so besides that Good Job!