Favorite Benchmark

            Throughout the year, I have taken part in completing several statistics benchmarks that helped further my knowledge on statistics, all while having fun doing so. One benchmark in particular that I enjoyed the most was the most recent benchmark I completed. The assignment was to create an informative study guide, which dealt with topics that were going to be presented in future math classes at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, the college I will be attending next year. This benchmark was truly helpful, and I can honestly say that I will take this study guide with me to college, to help remind me of how complete math problems that were mentioned in my created study guide.


            I actually took my time with this benchmark, because I figured from the start of this assignment, that I might need this study guide in the future. I first researched the math classes that I will be taking part in next year at West Chester University. After figuring out the math class I would be taking, I wrote down the main topics that were going to be discussed throughout the course. I compiled a list of useful information needed in order to complete problems that were related to the topics that were going to be discussed in my future math classes. I provided several example problems per topic along with the solutions to the sample problems, as well as definitions to key vocabulary words and notes relating to the topics. I organized all my information into an informative, and easy-to-read packet for myself for the future.


            One thing that was interesting and surprising to me while completing this project was that I realized that all of Science Leadership Academy’s core values were used during the completion of this assignment. I inquired information from outside sources in order to figure out what topics were going to be discussed in my future math class. I then researched how to properly approach and complete problems that were related to the math topics that were going to be discussed in my future math class. I collaborated with a math professor from West Chester University, and he confirmed the topics that were going to be taught to me next year. After my information was finalized, I compiled my information into a study guide, which is how I presented my information. Now here I am, writing a blog post reflecting on my experience completing this benchmark.


            All in all, this was my favorite benchmark of the year. I learned a lot, and it’s one of those assignments that will stick with you in the future. I benefited greatly from this benchmark, and I highly recommend students do the same benchmark, to help them with their future math class in college. Like I said, I will absolutely take this packet with me to college, and I strongly believe I will reference this packet when completing future assignments in my college math classes.