Favorite Stats Benchmark

During Stats I had a hard time really understand what was going on, it took a long time for me to really understand the subject that was being taught. During the 3rd Quarter we had a benchmark on probability. At first I thought it would be hard and I didn't want to do it but after reading over the project description again I knew I could do it. After doing the project my understanding of how probability and statistics go hand and hand grew. 

Inquiry: What is the probability that a person can win three games of  “Skip-Bo” row.

Collaboration: This was a solo project, I needed three or four players, that actually know how to play the game well.

Presentation: I  presented this project on a iweb that will teach people how to play the game. 

Reflection: After doing the project I understood that it is hard to really tell the chances of a person winning three times in a row.