Feminist Film Review

Feminism Film Review
By: Nate Little 


The tests for films are called the Bechdel Test and the Mako Mori Test. The Bechdel Test specifies towards a film where 2 female characters talk but NOT about a different character. Specifically a male character. However, the Mako Mori Test specifies towards a film where at least one female character is in a movie and has a main role in the film. The character has her own perspective and CANNOT specify towards another character. Specifically a male character. These tests exist because we have many movies today where there’s either a male’s perspective film or a female’s perspective film but the female include a different gender in her film. One cannot aside from the other because one gender (the male) is most likely in every film. Many movies are also sexist, masculine, or feminine. 

Southpaw & Deadpool Film Essay 

Southpaw was a very uproaring, selfless, battle of an experienced fighter who battles his struggles and fights to keep his legacy living. Fighting to be remembered as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Billy Hope or “Billy The Great Hope.” as there were good reviews and comment rendering through in the movie, it leaves off as a good film but stirs up certain situations that many critics would question. One of those questions would lead to about his legacy, or if this was based on a true story. But regarding this towards feminism, that situation actually plays a big role. One role that many reviewers and critics would not even think of. At the beginning of the movie, the boxer wins a fight to win his “one of so many” championships. Of course, his trainers and his posse helped Billy win this championship, a certain someone was able to really helped him render through to obtain that title. His wife. Maureen Hope. She was the big reason for that championship. She was the prime core of Billy being the focus and winning that championship and giving Billy Hope the motivation he needed to win. 

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Obtaining the championship was his goal, other problems persisted when another talented boxer Miguel Escobar entered Billy’s premises where he despised Billy (how every boxer supposed to be.) They want to win. Miguel got into Billy’s head. His masculinity raged when Miguel triggers Billy in which a devastating that made him lose his wife that night. Shots were fired and one of the bullets hit his wife Maureen. Beforehand, Maureen feminine side was trying to retain Billy. As she told him “it’s not worth it baby.” “Keep walking baby.” But as Miguel Escobar kept exchanging negative words to Billy. The film basically describes the masculinity in a man’s life and how it can change rapidly. This movie relates to the Bechdel Test where the protagonist is messing up and certain women (who played in the movie) was having the same effect in the situation. The movie does not meet the Mako Mori Test.  

Deadpool was, however, a fighting/action/love movie. I wouldn’t call it a happy loving movie. It’s pretty messed up. The movie consists of a guy who helps people for a cost. Whether if it’s hiring to take out people that other people want to get rid of/dead or whether if its a warning, he would help them for a price. Wade Wilson was his name. Even though Wade was living in a win-win situation and met this beautiful young lady Vanessa. An unexpected symptom came up as he found out that he had cancer. He didn’t know what to do as he freaked out and knew that the cancer was getting worse. He met this fellow at the bar to try and prevent cancer. But the outcome wasn’t on his specific terms. 

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The enemy in the movie turned out to be Francis and they took him under his will. They froze his body, ran some tests, and made him into a superhuman. He couldn’t feel pain and he couldn’t die as he escaped but the enemy slipped through Wade’s hands. He couldn’t return to his love for he was different. He disappeared on the hunt for his enemy Francis. Beforehand, femininity played a role in this when his girlfriend cared for Wade’s well being, no matter how much Wade tried to hide his feelings from Vanessa, she just knew. Masculinity really played after the incident to the end of the movie by fixing his problems alone and not with others and not thinking he is good enough for the change he couldn't show to Vanessa. She wound up finding out when Francis had her and he took his mask off to hide the identity he was now. She, however, accepted for who he was. This film relates more to the Mako Mori Test because it included one female character, she had her own narrative when Wade supposedly died, she moved on to working at a strip club and living alone in an apartment. And lastly, she didn’t just support Wade, but she supported herself and made standards for her well being. 

If I had to create a test for a movie. My test would feature at least one male and female character who either have their own problems in the movie OR have problems on their own that they figure out together. Not one problem they both have to figure out. It can’t just support a man’s story or a woman’s story, they have to support both of their stories. I think it’s important to see this kind of criteria in a movie because people need to see that one gender is all powerful (especially males). People need to see that each gender is powerful in their own way and that figuring out their problems together can make a huge bondage for a man and a woman. Whether if they’re friends, boyfriend, and girlfriend, or husband and wife. One movie that meets my criteria is 50 shades of grey because they each never knew each other but getting to know each other (through sex) gave them a bondage but beforehand, they both had separate problems that soon brought them together to figure out.