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Zaire Williams

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English 3

April 18, 2018

Thesis Question: Why shouldn’t NCAA college athletes be paid?

NCAA colleges being paid

 There are many reasons why people think NCAA college athletes should be paid for the amount of time their spending practicing for games, playing each week and attending classes, leaving them no time for a job. But, paying college athletes would change the concept of college sports and the reasons why they are there for the students. College sport is a big part of making money for the schools and providing scholarships for each of the athletes. If this was to happen there would not be fair payments, money privileges for athletes are a distraction of their true potential which is athletic talent.  

First and foremost, The NCAA is a non-profit organization. According to NCAA.org, this organization helps organizes the athletic programs of 1,281 universities and colleges all throughout the United States and Canada. There are billions of dollars that are made, coming from ticket sales and marketing rights. This money does not go to waste but instead is distributed in more than a dozen of ways that support mainly NCAA schools, consultations, and most important the student-athletes. Most of this money is distributed through Sports sponsorships, Scholarship funds, Division 1 basketball performances fund, and Division 1 championships. According to the “NCAA.org” resources page, in their Finances, it states, “As a non-profit organization, we put our money where our mission is: equipping student-athletes to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom, and throughout life. The NCAA and our member colleges and universities together award $3.3 billion in athletic scholarships every year to more than 150,00 student-athletes.” To be a non-profit organization, NCAA provides so much for these athletes to succeed and are supported on their journey to greater purposes.


Furthermore, playing a college sport is more of a privilege, Many people have dreamed of the opportunity to play for a college team but never achieved that goal. For example, “NCAA.org” states that “only 3% of high school senior basketball players will play NCAA sponsored basketball.” What that says for the other 7% is that they don’t get to play the sport they been working so hard in high school for, they have to go with their second choice and focus on getting a job or heading for a different career. While the 3% is playing hard for that victory title and working towards that level as a professional athlete. When these students are professional athletes that when they could be getting paid as much they skills are worth. College athletes should only feel the pride of the recognition they’re getting from all of their fans and continue to work hard for their next exciting game.

   In conclusion, College NCAA athletes are already getting the money they deserve through the many different ways it distributed for the NCAA organization to help these students succeed their dreams and become professionals athletes. It is not NCAA job to provide these athletes money but to make an easier pathway for them to achieve this opportunity. In other words, College is the time for them show their true talent and enjoy the game.

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This 2fer I believe is one of my best 2fers because I took what I've been struggling with on with my other 2fers and made sure I didn't make most of those mistakes again. I also chose something i'm really interested in, which is NCAA college basketball and found great detail on the web page. Lastly, I made sure my body paragraphs were strongly connected to my thesis with percentages and facts.