Film Conversion: 2012 as a Horror Film

For this project we plan to make a trailer for a movie that we had in mind, we planned to use the movie 2012 as the movie choice and we are planning to make 2012 into horror movie. The reason why we chose this movie is because we would like to see what a end of the world movie could be with a horror movie perspective around it and it will have a creative element around it as well. We thought I would be an interesting concept for this project. We are going to find scenes from the movie 2012 that look like something from a horror movie. we going to use 5 scenes from the movie and some software we are using are imovie or wevideo. What we need is scenes from movie, sound affects, change in scenery, contrast. We used the music and the cut ins and outs to our advantage. From this experience we were able to turn the movie 2012 as a horror movie

Video Link: