Film Lit Log #2

When watching The Royal Tenenbaums, the majority of the songs stuck out to me. They were sweet hymns that matched perfectly with the setting that was currently playing. After I had finished watching the movie, I actually looked up the soundtrack so I could add some of these songs to my playlist. I found them very fitting and I believe this is part of the reason why I loved this movie so much. Soundtrack is so important when creating a film. Not only the lyrics need to resonate with the viewers but also the tune and melody. If you think about it, a film with no music would be quite boring. Music helps move along the scenes and also can help the viewers connect to the film. I find it quite difficult to pair songs to a specific scene because all scenes are so unique and they must stick to a proper theme. The Royal Tenenbaums have a light-hearted, warm tone that goes along well with the soundtrack that was used. I believe that a few of my ideas go well with my interpretation of this film. A Day In The Life by the Beatles was something I instantly thought of when looking at this movie. Not only the album cover speaks Tenenbaum but the upbeat melody of guitar and piano really stuck out to me. This movie is about family and the upside downs of the difficult relationships within a family setting. This song has a lot going on at once, similar to the family dynamic. The events in this film are confusing and at times emotional. This song stuck out to me because it is going through the day in the life of someone in a chaotic manner. The few scenes where Margot falls in love with Richie makes me think of a complicated love song. Because that is exactly what that is, a complicated relationship. When I think about these characters I find warmth and happiness in their relationship. Although it is strange, Wes Anderson seems to still make it beautiful. And that is why I thought of the song Can’t Get it Out Of My Head by Electric Light Orchestra. This song was made in the 70’s and this movie takes me to a place somewhere in that time. The style that Margot wears is chic and expressive. It resembles something of the 70’s. “Searching for her silver light, and I can’t get it out of my head…” These lyrics remind me of Richie when he is going through a depressive episode searching for the one person that loves him. As he tries to commit suicide, the director plays an almost cheerful tone while this is going on. It reminds me of this song, bitter but hopeful, almost like Richie and Margot’s relationship. Another Beatles classic reminds me greatly of this film. Strawberry Fields Forever comes to my mind when I think about the Royal Tenenbaums. Something about the relaxation of the song that almost seems like it’s slowed down. I believe it would fit perfectly within this film because there are moments where it seems as though the world stops moving. Margot is in a rut with her relationship, Royal has become poor, Chas relives the moments with his late wife, and Richie seems upset with his current situation. Although this song is not necessarily depressing, it takes the tone down a few notches and gives you time to think and ponder the relationship of this strange family. As we take a look at the depressing side of this family, another song that draws me in is Colour My World By Chicago. This slow flute that plays in between the chorus really reminds me of the way in which these children were living their life after they became adults. Although they had a pretty reliable childhood, things seemed to change for the worse when reality hit them. This song seems to fit right in with this soundtrack because once again it is from the 70’s, much of which this movie reminds me of. Colour My World feels as though he is longing for something, or someone, a lot like most of the movie. Although much of this movie does have recurring themes of grief and loss, there is a cheerfulness that comes along with it. The Royal Tenenbaums does celebrate a happy ending. Dust In The Wind by Kansas seems to bring some kind of ending to this twisted story. When the movie ends, I can still imagine what happens, and if that is possible, that means the movie is good. I believe that this song also has a sort of “ending” to it. Something that says, this movie is over, but the story is everlasting.