Final Art Print: Manganese

My element is manganese. Its atomic number is 25 and its symbol is Mn. Manganese was discovered in Magnesia, Greece. It is mainly used in steel production. Manganese is mixed with iron to produce corrosion-resistant steel.

The image I created is a replica of the island Magnesia. Written in the corner is the word "manganese" in Greek. I decided that this design was simple and straightforward. When I was making the print I took many steps. I began by brainstorming several design ideas. Once I chose my final design, I redrew it, traced it, transferred it, and finally carved it into my plate. After this, I rolled paint over the plate using a brayer, and then I layed it on my paper.

If I were to do this project again, I would spend more time gathering information about my element so that I could produce a more creative design. Despite this, I did enjoy this project. I especially liked the actual printing because I got to see my sketches become real prints.