Final Artist Statement

This final quarter I believe I did some fine work but I will be honest and say it wasn't my best. The first assignment due I could not complete because I did not have a laptop. My figure drawings artwork was really special to me I worked hard on it and I believe I did a good job on it. I choose a picture to draw that had a nice position for recreating it. My line drawings were my personal favorite this year I believe I did some amazing work with them. I think line drawing is fun altogether so this assignment was especially fun for me. For my digital drawing I tried really hard because it was difficult to make. I had to create it 3 times because every time I tried for some reason it would delete. I think my final was the best one though. The illusion of space drawing was also a very fun one for me. I did a fish and i decided to play around with the shadow of a fish and made ripples on the page to make it seem as though the paper was a pond. This was another one of my favorites this quarter I thought I did good work on it.  The practice texture drawing was very hard for me. There were so many items and textures to capture in the picture so it was really hard to get it done but I tried and I succeeded. For my last piece of the year the element of art drawing i decided to keep it really simple and just draw a tree. I think I did an ok job on it I could have done a lot better but I tried. In all I think this quarter just helped me realize that art is a very fun form of expression and I am very lucky and grateful that I got to attend the class this school year.