Final Infographics- Yadi Angeles

Kingston, TN Coal Ash Spill

a. What went well? 
The research and getting everything together.
b. What did not? 
Talking about our research and deciding what to drop in terms of information.
c. What would you do differently next time? 
I would speak up about the decisions for our infographic, because I feel that we could have done a better job in the visualness. 
d. Specifically comment on the 10 tips for effective infographics -

Be Concise

Be Visual

Be Smarter

Be Transparent

Be Different

Be Accurate

Be Attractive

Be Varied

Be Gracious

Be Creative

Which of these areas did you excel in? Which were not so well represented? Why do you think some elements of design were easier or harder to include in the end product?

Some well represented were Transparent, Different, Accurate, and Varied. I feel like creatively we could have done much more and that we didn't add all the information that we could have so that things made more sense.