Final Perspective Drawing

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” 

-Abraham Lincoln

One of the most salient things in life to know is that before you can fully understand something you must have equilibrium with all of its perspectives. For how can you truly know what a square is without seeing also the cube? How can you label a story character as a samaritan or a nefarious being without stepping into their shoes? The first stride in venturing into the world of equal empathy is to know that almost everything has infinite perspectives. This is foremost especially in the macrocosm of chaotic madness and rightful order we call art. 
It could be said that you can never reach an infinite number of perspectives in art. That eventually every one of them would be discovered and taught in a classroom or studio. One aspect of looking at that is false. New perspectives are thought of every day even without the slightest of recognition. Therefore in an ultimate loophole of a herculean panorama, where anything is possible, it is quite hard not to say that art perspectives are infinite. Although, mathematically speaking, infiniteness is a line of continuum motion in which the destination or point never comes close to your term. This a very arguable topic and could easily be discussed in class.
Speaking of infinities, something that a conclusion can come to without arguments is that you can't learn all of an individual's infinite qualities or separated beings. Which makes me say that I am exposed to new information but also apt to it. During this task I was novelly engaged with one of the infinities of art, one point perspective. It was a promenade that I never traversed before and I was intuitive in knowing how much a vanishing point in a drawing affected thus. I soon discovered that this could turn any number of my weird looking mindsets into reality perspective. The importance of this is that having a quantity of colorful options will only aid you. 
Just as there is infinite amount of perspectives for art, there is an infinite amount of perspectives of one point perspective. The view I chose to take was one of the negative light. In one point perspective, everything is white on black instead of black on white. Javier Peraza thought that he could not fight the compelling feeling to dig deeper in the very meaning of perspective. That is why he wanted to complete the project in that way. Since it is onerous to make out detail in a negative version of one point perspective I blue printed the very heavenly cosmos that Javier's mind creates but in a positive view. If corrected, it would be wise to travel to a different perspective of one point perspective. Of course just for clarity on the infinite macrocosm theory.

Often beginers trip and find their own follies. This is needed in life for without mistakes they would never rank up from beginners. An adduce that all beginners should remember though is that you must first learn the rules before breaking them. I personally, Javier Peraza, take the unorthodox path and do whatever I/he/X/Y/ a-Z/1-100/∞ wants. You must know that no one is confining you from doing what you want and you can use your freedom to produce thaumaturgy. As long as you know who you are talking to then you are fine.
fountain of imagination and creativity, that is indeed itself inarguably an infinite, is my mind and also yours. You should never underestimate the power of the human mind for the whole concept of infinities and time comes from it. They breed to make dimensions and mathematics. It will always be your source for anything and everything for it was my source. Note though that you have OTHER minds just as capable of accomplishing as much as yourself so Javier recommends that you listen to your peers and authorities. 
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 7.34.42 PM
Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 7.34.42 PM