Final Perspective Drawing

A. I did not know a lot on perspective. I had heard of it before but never practiced it in so much depth. For example, I didn't know every line or angle had to travel back to that one center point in the picture. 

B. With one point perspective my drawing looked very realistic and neat. I think this is because instead of drawing anyway I wanted to I had a formula to my drawing making it harder to be sloppy with lines and angles. 

C. I would add more detail and shading. I think I mostly focused on the lines on shapes in this drawing. There ended up being a lot of white space making the drawing look incomplete.

D. Always use a ruler and double check your work to make sure your lines aren't crooked. Also look at the drawing to make it makes sense realistically (Looks like the real world should).

E. My ruler which always came in handy for making my lines look straight, and just the room in general. You can't just take one look at something and immediately get it right. You also gave very good feedback. Without your help my ceiling would be be off perspective and my back wall would be too small.