Final Perspective Drawing

What is one thing that your learned specifically that you did not know before.
One thing I learned throughout this project was simply that I can learn new and challenging skills that I didn't have before. I haven't often been faced with a challenge that I thought I couldn't complete, except for this project. I struggled with it a lot and I learned that with confidence and patience, I can learn. 
Learning this helped my drawing because I became calmer and therefore my drawing because neater and after some time, it made more sense.
If I  had the chance to do this assignment again, I would probably just draw a different side of the room. This side really confused me and I struggled more than I would have liked. 
My advice to someone who has never drawn a one-point perspective drawing is to take their time and follow all of the instructions and guidance provided to him/her by their teacher. 

I think my most useful resource was Jasim Gilliam. She was drawing the same side of the room as I was, and she helped me a lot with everything. Without her my drawing would stink.