Final Perspective Drawing

a. One thing that I learned specifically had to do with the different view points and angles on drawings. I learned that if you are looking at something on the left side of the drawing, then it is showing its right side, and vice versa on the right side of the drawing.

b. Learning this made my drawings better because now I know how to make more realistic looking drawings using the vanishing point and how to make orthogonal lines.

c. If I did this assignment again, I would find a way to add better shading to the drawing. Also, I would use something else to take a picture.

d. My advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing is to always start your lines on a new object with the vanishing point, and let the size of the room guide you on the size and shape of the object that you're drawing.

e. The resource that helped me the most was the tutorial on how to draw the room because even after I finished the tutorial if I got stuck I went back to it to see how certain line were made in it and it let me get a good start on my drawing.
Photo on 4-19-13 at 9.36 PM
Photo on 4-19-13 at 9.36 PM