Final Perspective Drawing

a. What is one thing that your learned specifically that you did not know before?

One thing that I learned specifically that I did not know before was the subject of orthagonal lines. I did not know about orthagonal lines or how they could portray a third dimension.

b. How did leaning this thing make your drawings better?

Learning about orthagonal lines made my drawings better by helping me with realism. For example, with edges of furniture or windows, I did not know how to make it seem as if they were a real object and not just a drawing. Now I know that you can connect orthagonal lines from the edges of the object to the vanishing point and turn it into a three dimensional drawing! It makes everything more realistic!

c. If you did this assignment again, what would you do differently?

If I did this assignment again, the thing I would do different would definitely be keep better care of my paper. Though I made sure I didn’t rip it severely or sit on it, or put it in my bag, I rolled it the wrong way multiple times, which put the drawings on the outside which made a lot of dirt marks, and ripped it on the edges, too. Though I cleaned and taped as best as possible, it would’ve been in my best interest to have taken better care of it.

d. What is your advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing before?

My advice to someone who has never drawn a one point perspective drawing before would be to understand how simple it is. As long as they are focused and can draw a straight line, they should have no problems making it look great! There are only three lines after all -- horizontal, vertical and orthagonal. It’s really that easy.

e. What resource helped you the most and why?

The resource that helped me the most was the step-by-step tutorial on drawing a room, because it was very specific to what I was having trouble with. But more informally, the other best resource at a close second were my classmates, because they knew what I was having trouble with and how to explain and help by being engaging, unlike the website.