Final Perspective Drawing, Green, 2014

1. What is one thing that you learned specifically that you did not know before?

One thing that I learned specifically was the vanishing point. I had no idea what a vanishing point was and how it connects to the lines, until I started drawing. It made total sense of how my lines had to line up with my vanishing point because of the angle it was in and how it made it look more professional and neat.

2. How did learning this thing make your drawings better?

It helped A LOT. It honestly did. Again, it changed my perspective on drawings because of how professional it looks. Not only did it changed my drawing by making it look neat and professional, but it helped shaped my other formats (ceilings, windows, etc.).

3. If you did this assignment again, what would you do differently?

If I were to do this assignment again, I would definitely change the detailing on the stools- only because I did not spend much time and inspectment on it. It made my drawing look odd and a little awkward. I would also include more detailing, such as the paintings, ceiling paints, etc. My drawing looked a little plain, but I was satisfied.

4. What is your advice to someone who had never drawn a one point perspective drawing before?

My advice would have to be inspect as much detail as you can. It can really your drawing by making it look persist and professional. For example, the only thing that i had trouble with was the column. I did not noticed that the bottom of the column connects back to the wall and when I fixed my mistake, it make it look so much better.

5. What resources helped you the most and why?

I actually used two resources, Perspective Step by Step, and the website where it teaches you how to draw tables ( It really helped me. It gave me an outline/guide of the things I needed to learn how to draw and how it is suppose to look like. It was really helpful to times of this, and I would recommend it to everyone.