Final Portfolio

Taylor Washington

Final Portfolio

In september of my sophomore year I found out that I was in Mr. Blocks world history class. When finding this out I went to my sister which is and alumni of SLA for advice, thinking back I didn't really take it. I walked into the class thinking that it was going to be super boring because history is not what I would call my favorite subject in school. But immediately Mr. Block shut down the idea that it would be boring. The first day he gave out m&m’s and did an activity with us which I believe really engaged the class to learn more so they could possible get more m&m’s. This was just the beginning of many more interactive activities.

11 quotes from my work

1.) A messages that "The world is just" cartoon may be trying to get across to its audience is that the world will never be able to agree on what justice for all really means- Journal # 40

2.) People who work for social justice see the world as incredibly sad - pathologies of power worksheet

3.) American live in a fantasy land and fall in love with un real things- Vine Deloris worksheet

4.)It made us seem like freaks and that we do a lot of unnecessary things that when in reality thats not what the american culture is really all about. They totally twisted up our culture so just for this reason its not acceptable to judge another culture.- Journal #3

5.) How can another child of Buddah be trusted with knowing the truth?- Sacred text analysis

6.) Go to combat with HIV/AIDS, malaria and other popular diseases , without the education no one would be able to have the knowledge on how to control or overcome the disease.- Different views of development

7.)The point is that foreign investments are not the key to solving poverty. it might just be making them sink even deeper into poverty.- "Globalization worksheet"

8.) All I do is try.. I try but can never succeed in what I do. Being a stay at home has not been as good as the rich people make it look. My husband can not do this all alone… He is constantly losing his jobs because of his pride.-  Keystone pipeline monologue

9.) The Congo exhibit it to show that colonialism comes from hatred of one culture to another culture and trying to enforce change- quarter four benchmark

10.)Good afternoon jurors we are all here today to to figure out who is the blame for “dehumanizing" workers and corrupting the environment of the workers.- Sweatshop Trial

11.) Though each party shares the blame we believe the consumers and poor party allege make up the largest  portion of the shared blame. the country ruling elite are responsible for encouraging global sweatshops which is an important part in the problem. Without the encouragement from them there would be nothing pushing to have people working in ridiculous conditions. The consumers also take on majority of the blame because more than most of them are aware of the conditions the poor workers are living in and the ridiculous wages they make (or a lack there of), but they decide to ignore what they are paying for. we the System are innocent. the system is completely run by the people and the people who are running us  could also put in the effort to change us if they feel the system is not good enough. there is us  there are many other systems  that need some changes but we can only change if the people change.-Sweatshop Trial

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Screenshot 2014-06-11 09.56.03