Final Project Q2-4 - Artist’s Statement

 Artist’s Statement:
For Quarter 2 Advanced Art class, I created drawings, paintings and edited photos. For week 1, the assignment was to do contour drawings and I choose viral and related topics that were currently going on. These topics include Pennywise from the movie IT and the dancing hotdog from Snapchat. Two of my favorite pieces of art created was week 4, choosing your own painting and week 5 and 6, recreate a piece of art. Week 5 and 6, I recreated a piece of art by the artist Noe Two. I felt like this piece was personal and I did better because it was someone that I admire, Aaliyah. As for my recreation of a piece of art for week 4, I painted a water bearer with different shades of blue. I got the idea from my zodiac sign which is aquarius and the sign for it which is a water bearer. 
I would like people to know that I take my art is personal to me and that I put a lot of effort into each assignment. I like to choose personal topics for my art work because I want to express how I feel about certain topics through my art work. For example in week 7 and 8, I completed a illustration piece from a piece of writing. The photo I used In this piece of writing was image was from album cover. I made the photo larger first. Then I traced the image and colored it in.
 Most of the equipment I used was, coloring pencils, markers and paint. I used markers to outline my art so that it can pop out. Them I would use paint or markers to add some color to my artwork. In week 1 for my contour drawing and coloring, I used different colors to make my contour drawing better. Using these different colors allowed my drawing to be more colorful. Instead of using the colors that are supposed to be for each picture, using different colors made my picture more aesthetic.