Final Q1-4 Slideshow

For the first few weeks in art class, I created an interior design painting of Yogi Bear on a ceiling tile. The next assignment I created a junk art collage of things that resemble Autumn and used real leaves and tree bark to bring my art to life. My final assignment I  drew a portrait of myself using crayons to bring color to it. Out of the three assignments, my least favorite assignment was that self-portrait. I feel that that was my least favorite because my weakness is drawing faces. When drawing faces I struggle with drawing eyes and noses. 

Some things that I would people to know about my artwork that I spent a lot of time on my artwork. I used my studio time wisely and also used my free time at home working on my artwork. The most time I spent for one of my assignments was the fall wall hanging assignment. For the fall wall hanging, I did all of my homework due that nigh during class so That when I got home, I can work on the assignment. I walked around outside and collected tree bark and leaves that have fallen off the ground. Then I cut up all of the things I found and glued each piece to where they belong. 

I would also like people to know that the process of making art is hard and takes a time to process ideas. By the time ideas come to mind, you have to express those ideas using different kinds of art. When I found the ideas for my ceiling tile, it was hard to capture the idea of what I would want it to look like on the tile. I wanted to catch the idea of Yogi Bear and his picnic basket but I just choose the idea of painting his face because I was running out of time it was easiest.