Final Stamp ~Art

image1 (2)
image1 (2)
This stamp is me. You see a basketball, with sunglasses and feet. The basketball simply represents my favorite sport. The sunglasses represent my personality and how cool, and relaxed I am. But as you can tell, this basketball has no arms, only legs. There's a reason behind that. The legs show that no matter what I'm determined to always keep moving, and to push forward in any situation. 
The following assignments built up to this point. We were preparing for the cut by making other stamps, and learning about the art of positive and negative space. Negative and positive space is important because when you are painting or drawing, you must be able to see which is which. Positive space is important because it highlights every detail, and negative space is important because it helps bring out that detail. I used to get stuck at not being able to tell the difference, but now I'm an expert.
In conclusion, I can apply this to the real world. I'm glad I had the opportunity to learn this, and now I feel more prepared for art.