Final Stamp Design

Rubber Stamp
Rubber Stamp
Out of my 10 words to gather ideas for my stamp I chose the words, Gamer, Enthusiastic, and Pal. I incorporated these words through image and text to create a design for a stamp that I'm very pleased with. The words state Pal, cause I figured this was the best way to incorporate it into my drawing. Also I added a thumbs up to show I'm enthusiastic and encouraging. The letters on my finger tips, the battery slot, and the analog stick. Each represents my interest in gaming. 

The design I was happy from the start with, however I went through many frustrating design choices with the circle, the words, and the positive/negative space. The one thing I was sure about from the start was the circle with "SAL-PAL APPROVED" going around each design. Overall my designs varied between a thumbs up, a smiley face, and a few iterations of a tv screen. In the end I decided to do the thumb because it was the most pleasing, and seemed more challenging and detailed than the other designs. However, negative and positive space soon became an issue. I at one point removed the letters because it wouldn't work with the negative space. Eventually I decided it was worth the risk and decided to see how the final outcome turned out. 

I learned that especially with words, its very hard to do negative and positive space and portray them, as well as the detail on the hands and fingers. One issue I had was making the mistake of rushing through mistaking the wrong date and misreading the instructions. This made my first final more like a rough which helped me make some crucial design choices, and allowed a neater and nicer finish. It helped me make a important decision with negative and positive spacing on the design. Having lines become positive space, and the rest would become negative with few exceptions. This allows me to show and incorporate more detail into the hand, the words, and the overall image of the stamp.