Final Stamp Design


When brainstorming for my rubber stamp, I thought of several words that I associate with and that represent me. Some of the words I used were thoughtful, intelligent, kind, humorous, and adventurous. My stamp is inspired by a symbol of a house being carried away by hundreds of balloons. This symbol appears in the Disney Pixar film, Up. I have always loved the image of the floating house because it conveys a sense of freedom to me. My stamp symbolizes my adventurous side as well as my willingness to try new things.

The original assignment was to create an image based on one of the words I had used to represent myself. I had to draw the image so that there were no lines, but rather shapes. This process is similar to writing words in block letters instead of printing them.

When sketching the design, I tried to replicate the same image from the movie. I found that this design was very difficult, however, because there was so much detail involved in the many balloons. Instead, I decided to make a single, larger balloon carrying the house.

Negative space and positive space were important things for me to keep in mind while creating my work. The negative space, in the above image, is the white sections. It sort of acts as a background. The positive space is shown in yellow and is the actual image. I cut out the interior of the house in my design to show the detail of the door. This was useful because I could not add detail using a pencil or other medium, I could only make cutouts.

When learning about negative and positive space, I was confused for a long time. I did not quite understand the true differences between the two concepts. When I finally did understand though, I was able to see just how creative these two concepts can allow an artist to be.