Final Stamp Design


Brainstorming my stamp was quite a challenge. I had a page full of sketches and it was hard to choose one because all of them were my favorites. The goal of the stamp was to not only show who you are but positive and negative space. My stamp is called a Shikigami from a Studio Ghibli film called Spirited Away. They are a very fascinating magical creature to me ever since I was younger.

For the assignment, I was to write down 10 words that describe me and then put some ideas inside of my sketchbook. When I was sketching, I realized that I only drew line drawings, which was incorrect, there wouldn’t really be a shape or it wouldn’t look so stamp like. Once I choose my final stamp design, I sketched it on paper and grabbed color paper. I cut my image out and glued it into my sketchbook.

I got stuck many times in the process but now, I think I got the hang of it. I had a hard time figuring out which is which, which is negative and which is positive. The stamp itself and other resources had helped me figure it out.