Final Stamp Design

IMG_7607.JPG This speech bubble represents me because I tend to have a lot to say. I usually don’t say what I want to say, so that’s why the dots are there. The assignment said to write down 10 words that best describes who we are. We then had to pick 3 of the 10 words that best describes who we are. My 3 words were unique, intelligent, and creative. This stamp represents me because when I give my opinion on things, it tends to open people’s minds in a different way. I came upon this design because a classmate said it suits me due to my abilities to entertain people. I however thought this design suits me because of my creative ideas.

Negative and positive space is important because without it, we wouldn’t be able to see things clearly. They help us focus on what the main idea of a picture is. I used positive space in my design by outlining the speech bubble and the 3 little dots. To truly understand the process of negative and positive space, you have to know what the main subject in a picture is. The main subject is the positive space, and the rest is the negative space. I rarely got stuck on anything while completing this assignment. I had trouble cutting my original drawing of the speech bubble, but other than that, there wasn’t any difficult parts. I learned that positive space is usually the space that is the lightest or darkest in a picture.