Final Stamp Design

FullSizeRender (22).jpg

The stamp above symbolizes me in many ways. The flower above is an orange blossom. An orange blossom has a meaning that many people don’t know about. The meaning is chastity, purity and loveliness. It’s a symbol of me because my heart is big enough for love and forgiveness and my purity is where God wants it to be. In my brainstorm, i used words such as loving, forgiving, funny, outgoing, outspoken, and creative. The orange blossom is my favorite flower.

When I brainstormed my words, I looked for words that had common meanings. At first, I was going to draw a diamond but I thought that's a diamond would be basic. So instead, I looked deeper and found characteristic traits that I never knew about myself. I realized that all flowers had meanings, so I researched my favorite flower and found out its meaning and how it connected with me.

The negative space is the white. The positive space is the flower. I chose to do it this way because I feel like the flower is a powerful and positive symbol. Positive space refers to the main focus of a picture, while negative space refers to the background. In this case, the flower is the mains focus.