Finale blog post on Ethical Pathway Act of 2010

For my finale blog post in this series I did not know what to focus on anymore. The Ethical Pathway Act of 2010 that I had been tracking since the start of the project had not budged. The last reported update of it was on September 29th. Since then project I had to relay on getting in contact with people. This has been a very tricky part with contacting people. I knew for sure that besides wanting to get in contact with officials, I really wanted to get in contact with important organizations that could help me.

 As I mentioned before in another post the most important groups I thought of getting in contact with would be PETA and Humane Society. Even the ASPCA I thought could be a good contact in trying to help push out info with this project. Because of another animal rights project I did before PETA’s official twitter had become a follower of mine. I used this as one resource into getting in contact with them. Though I did not get a message in return I tried on there as well as with other contact info I could find. The same went for the ASPCA but with them I also had another advantage. My father had known someone who worked with the ASPCA.  With that he also helped with trying to help me with contact him.

  At times it seemed as if trying to contact and all wouldn’t work out to something. Outside of those people I tried to contact there were other places that were talking about this. It was nice to see that a small amount of blogs did take the time too talk about this as well. It does mean that this bill is being heard and will help it get discussed about. At this point I now I wonder if I should continue this project since it is over and if so how.