Fire Starter: A HopGames Production

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Group Members:
Kwan Hopkins, Jayla Wright, Meeghan Kersten, and Nicholas Ryan

Fire Starter is a RPG where you have the option to drive your story based on how you interact with other characters.

The game begins with you setting up camp overlooking a prairie. As the sun sets you begin to grow tired and you struggle to stay awake as the darkness embraces you. As you drift off to sleep, someone (or something?) lurks nearby. The mysterious figure gets to your camp and quietly rummages through your belongings, finding the most important thing you own: your sacred lighter. As he makes the figure makes their escape, you wake up to a loud crash. You wake up to see him running off into the distance. The game begins as you are thrust into your first decision...

Rules of the Game:
As a player you can use the options SHOOT or MERCY when faced with an adversary.

If you choose to shoot, you have the option to widen your stance, get focused, aim, or fire. If you intend to be merciful, you may bargain, talk it out, compromise, or sympathize.

When not faced with choices, it is your responsibility to scavenge and roam your environment to propel the story forward.

We wanted to do something similar to the novel but not too closely related. We decided to have it related with the value system. Since the boy and the father have different ideas/opinions of what to do in certain situations we decided to have different options based on that. In a situation where the two would come upon someone else on the road the man would either ignore the person or threaten them if they posed as a threat. The boy would try and help them, give them food, ir invite them to come along. The boy shows compassion and the man selfishness. In our game you have something that is stolen from you that is of great importance. You go on a journey to get it back. Throughout the game you will make the choice to act a certain way either like the man of the child in the book. This creative choice allows the player to choose their own destiny without being guilted into or guided to make decisions. Ultimately, “The Road” told the story of someone with absolute power over his and his son’s way of doing things. Fire Starter embraces this bold decision making making the player decided for themselves whether or not to reflect the innocence and goodnature of childhood or the cold realism inspired by the actions of others and the world around them.

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