Flowchart: Unemployment Benefits

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The task that both Johniera and I did was filling out out the unemployment benefits application, along with the flowchart. It took us a while to find the application because most times when we searched it, we couldn't find it. But luckily someone helped us on getting the application, and we got to work right away. It seemed like it was breeze because some of the pages were not mandatory to fill out, but there were some things that we didn't know & research for to understand. 

Other than that, the paperwork wasn't that bad. When it came to the flowchart, at first we didn't understand how detailed our flowchart had to be, so we researched examples. We then looked at the certain things people might not understand if they were to fill out the application, and we also looked at the frequently asked questions about the application to apply to the chart, which helped us made our chart as detailed as possible.

I really do not see that process being changed. I think it was straight forward the way it is. If it were to change, I think it would be complicated or unclear. When I say complicated, I mean if things were added, it would seem like too much. When I say unclear, I mean if something was taken out, a person would become confused on what is needed.

I believe that the only complicated part that a unemployed person would understand is when to fil for the claim, and the process after everything is completed. Johniera and I had to read carefully on what would happened after everything went through: how many benefits will a person get in a year, how much would it be, when to file for it, etc. Other than that, it's not a huge process.

What I did want to know was why did it have a section for those that had social security numbers that ended with "05". That would be something I'd have to research.