Food Project: Chicken Alfredo

Chicken Alfredo Recipe

Prep time: 30 minutes

Serves: 6-8


Chicken Breast

Box of Barilla Fettuccine pasta


Bertolli Alfredo sauce 

Coconut Oil

Garlic Powder

Black Pepper


1. Boil a pot of water and place the uncooked fettuccine into the pot. Stir occasionally and leave in for up to 10 minutes or until noodles are cooked. 

2. Drain noodles and put into serving dish. Set aside. 

3. Tenderize the chicken breast. You may use a meat tenderizer or a fork. Jab the chicken on both sides and put 2 tbsp of butter into a pan. 

4. Put pan on high heat and allow coconut oil to line the pan, then place the chicken breast in and allow it to cook

5. Leave it on for 7 minutes and then flip. Repeat. 

6. When you finish, take out the chicken and cut in half to check and make sure there is no uncooked meat (look for pink).

7. Cut the chicken into strips and place into dish with fettuccine. 

8. Pour 1 jar of Alfredo sauce into a pot and heat until it bubbles up and pour over the chicken and fettuccine. Mix until everything is all flavorful. 

9. Sprinkle with black pepper and garlic powder for flavor. 


Chicken Alfredo is a quick meal full of protein that my family makes because it is so easy and convenient. Originally, it is an Italian dish made entirely from scratch, but since it is a simple go-to meal in this case, we used a jar of Alfredo sauce and a box of Barilla pasta. 

In order to make this recipe as healthy as possible, I only used chicken breast. Chicken breast is a naturally lean meat and contains vitamins, minerals, and proteins that we need. Chicken breast is natural and has no artificial ingredients, dyes, and has been passed by the FDA. It is also a good source of iron, which is great because my mom and I are anemic (low on iron levels). Also, I cooked the chicken with coconut oil because it is a very healthy butter substitute. It does the same task as butter, but it does not cause clogged arteries.

Fettuccine pasta was used because it is the most popular type of pasta. Fettuccine contains a good source of iron and protein like the chicken. The reason pasta is our go-to meal is because it is fairly nutritious and simple. Pasta is rich in carbohydrates, Vitamin A, potassium, and folic acid. It usually helps in preventing serious anemia and itself, is fuel for your body. It keeps you energized and full without over consumption. 

I used Bertolli Alfredo sauce because if you made the sauce by hand, it would take a lot longer and cost a lot more than simply purchasing the jar. Not only will you purchase and combine multiple ingredients, but you will also have to make sure there is a good consistency. The jarred sauce is also a good source of calcium.

The reason I use garlic powder and black pepper instead of the usual salt and pepper is because garlic powder is a valid salt substitute. There is less sodium and adds much more flavor than salt itself. Also, the garlic adds flavor to the Alfredo so that there is not just one boring, creamy taste.


Our food system is relevant to anyone who eats, so it's relevant to everyone. So to sum it up, this unit has been very helpful. Even though each of us are one consumer of 7 billion, we are each a part of the larger food system. America has been known to consume a lot of fast food and to be a very obese country, but everyone knows the struggle with staying healthier and realizing that the unhealthy foods we are told to beware of are more affordable that the things we're told to eat. So I believe that is the biggest problem with our food system. We should be making heathier foods cheaper and more accessible. Our country has its priorities all jumbled up by having cheap fastfood, but also wanting the country as a whole to be more "fit." The food system is too big and those in charge are cutting all corners to make a larger profit. They cut costs and become less careful with their goods and raise the cost for consumers and everyone loses with the companies' greed and carelessness.

Some changes I could make to my food choices based on my new knowledge from this unit would be to make wiser eating decisions. I was aware of most of the diseases that could succumb from bad eating habits, but now can make sure I do my best to avoid them. Most changes I would make are to consume less unhealthy foods and to be more active. Not only is my diet important, but my physical fitness plays a huge part in my health as well. I am willing to make these changes because what I eat now could affect if  I'll live a long, healthy life whether or not I think my diet is changing anything about me. 

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 6.04.29 PM
Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 6.04.29 PM