Food project


Light cream

Grated Cheese









Cut chicken into fourths

Heat butter and oil and garlic

add cream after a while

add grated cheese

Boil Pasta

MIX all in bowl

cook artichokes

Add them to bowl and mix



All together a serving would be up to 200 calories, it's not the healthiest foods but it's all natural, we use the freshest cream they have in the supermarket, the cheese added is only 20 calories

The artichokes we buy fresh and cut up i'm not sure the calories but it's fresh and not from a can

The chicken we get the breasts and nothing else and we get the fat out of it with a knife and we cut them into fours and and taking out the fat gets rid of 40 callers from the 100 calories from the pack so the chicken lis only 60 calories 


Analysis: What iv'e learned is that it doesn't matter how many callers something is to be healthy but where it comes from, i'd rather have a 200 calories home cooked meal than a 70 calorie Mc Donald's burger, because of how un natural it is and what it's made from, so even though my food is technically more un heathy, it's not because it comes from a legit place.