Food Quality Protection Act-Alaya White

  • Explain your decision making for choosing the bill.
    I wanted to select something that had to do with food. 

  • Why did you choose the particular presentation format?
    I felt like it would be a great representation of the timeline format by using a Prezi.

  • What challenges did you overcome in completing the project?
    I had about a day & a half to change my topic for the project. I feel likt this was an obstacle, and had I had enough time with this one topic I would've went deeper into the project & detail with the topic. 

  • How would you do the project differently if you had to do it over again?
    I would start fresh with more time. Maybe use another general topic instead of laws & bills about food.

  • What did the research and investigation tell you about the creation process... from idea to bill to law?
    A lot of the time, bills go back and forth in order to change bits and pieces to make it pass a certain stage in the billing process.

  • Was the process easier or harder than you imagined based on your particular bill/law research?
    This was much harder than I imagine with shorter time to change the Law selected.

    Overall I think I could've done better.  I know I had a shorter time than most with the benchmark, with changing my topic and everything, and that had a big impact on the finished product.