Food recipe and slide

Instructions on how to make Bengali Lachcha Semai or in english Vermicelli Pudding.

This recipe is approximately for 10 people

Ingredients needed

  • ¾ gallon of Milk

  • 2 Cardamoms

  • 2 Bay leaves

  • Sugar (according to taste)

  • 1 pack of vermicelli

  • Raisins (desired amount)

  • Coconut shreds (optional and desired amount )

Tools needed

  • Stove

  • Pot

  • Bowl

  • Large spoon


  1. In a pot add milk, sugar, 2 cardamoms, and 2 bay leaves.

  2. Heat the ingredients until the milk comes to a little thick consistency which will take about half an hour

While the milk is heating you will want to start on creating the base 

  1. In a bowl, line it with a pack of vermicelli

  2. On top of the vermicelli, drizzle on coconut shreds

  3. Finally, drizzle on raisins

  4. Once the milk come to a thick consistency, set it aside to let it cool for about half an hour

  5. Once the milk has cooled, pour the liquid into the bowl of vermicelli

  6. Let it sit for a few minutes and then grab a bowl and a spoon and enjoy.

Analysis of dish

This recipe contains very simple ingredients that are more whole food rather than processed foods. However, this can change depending on where someone gets the ingredients that are listed above. I believe the vermicelli that is used in this dish is processed since it was most likely made in a factory.

The milk that is in this dish is whole milk and on the label it says that it contains 8g total fat, 130 mg of sodium, 12g of total carb, 12g of sugar, 8g of protein, and 150. It also contains vitamin A 6%, vitamin C 4%, calcium 30%, and vitamin D 25%. The spices such as cardamoms and bay leaves are brought from a bengali store where the product has come from Bangladesh as well as the vermicelli. Cardamom and bay leaves are more used for flavoring rather than having health benefits.  A lot of the ingredients come from my home country, Bangladesh, meaning that is has traveled quite far before it came into my presences. I don’t think the process of the ingredients cause any harmful effects to the environment. The ingredients price value range from $1 to $5, meaning that a person can expect to pay about $10 in order to create this dish.

Overall, this dish is easy to make and does not contain that much processed ingredients.

Personal reflection

I never would have thought that we would have a unit in which we learn about food. This unit was very helpful because I now have more knowledge about organic and non-organic foods. I think that every school should provide their students with a unit like this so that the students are more aware about the foods they way. They should know where the food that is being placed of their plate comes from. If they do not know, then it is kind of like they are going to life blindly. This definitely is not a good thing because you need food in order to survive so its really important to know what you are putting into you body.

During this unit there are many things that I learned but the one thing will stick with me for ever is the TED Talk called “Teach Every Child About Food” that we watched  in class. The speaker did a experiment with children where he asked them to identify vegetables and a lot of children failed to do that. This made me realize that if a young child does not know their vegetables then what does that say about adults and their food knowledge.

Some of the biggest problems that I see in our food system is that media plays a big role in influence the mind of consumers. Companies know that people always watch T.V and this becomes their way of advertising the food they make to look better than the real product. Also there are so much of influencing people to stay be fit but on the top of that there are so many unhealthy foods that can just devour the fitness down.  

Recently, I have already made changes to my food choices. Now, I tend to eat less processed food such as instant food because I understand know how much chemicals go into the products to keep it looking fresh or appealing to eat. I know processed foods tend to have a lot of sodium and high about of things in them so if I decrease those intakes I would be a much healthier person.

Food rule side

Below is the food rule side I made. For my design I kept it real simple, with just words and color grouping. I wanted my slide to be something that catches your attention and the color red seems to do that. I divide my text in black and white so that there is a pattern.