For The Moment

My project was about "Correctional Rape." And correctional rape is when guys rape females because they are lesbians and try to make them straight. So they beat, rape, burn, and molest them until they are straight. Sometimes this results in them dying or catching some type of disease.

For The Moment




Cast of characters:

Umee - Melinda’s girlfriend

Melinda - Victim

Melinda’s Mother

Doctor Suzie


Act 1, Scene 1




Hi my name is Melinda I’m 16, and I am a rape victim. It all started one day after school when I was walking home with Umee. Oh, she’s my girlfriend. Oh my god yes. I love her more than anything. Well anyway we were on our way back to my house to ya know study and stuff. And we always take this short cut and when we do she holds me really tight. Yes to protect me from those people. So the people were back there that day. 3 of them all dressed in huge T-shirts and chains and baggy, ugly, dirty jeans. They smelled horrible. I can’t remember. But they saw us holding hands and started yelling a bunch of evil hateful words. Once we started to walk faster they yelled louder “Watch your back bitch, I will kill you” We didn’t know at that point who they were talking to but we just ran. And once we finally reached my house I dropped to the floor and she held me. I always felt safe in her arms. She was strong. Because she played a lot of sports of course. She was more manly than I. I wore dresses while she was more into baggy jeans. And the next day she wasn’t coming to school I tried to avoid the ally way but I couldn’t I walked really fast and hummed softly to myself hoping they wouldn’t be there and once I reached the end I turned around and I see them sitting there just watching me with their hateful eyes. Yes, I was terrified. Once school was over I was hoping to see Umee but she never showed up. So there I was alone … once again. I had to take that walk alone, praying so hard that they wouldn’t see me. But I was wrong, they saw me. I tried to run, but they tackled me and that’s when it all began. I begged and pleaded for them to stop but they kept hitting me the more I begged so I shut up.


(Telling mom what happens as they sit down and have a talk after she see’s Melinda)



Act 1, Scene 2




I said no. So many times that my throat was pulsating. They told me that if I told anyone I was dead but I couldn’t keep this a secret anymore mom! I couldn’t tell you any sooner because I know you would judge me, like you are now. You told me so? What type of shit is that to say to your daughter? No mom I can’t take being your slave anymore! You’ve treated me this way since I was able to walk. I know you have. NO STOP TALKING IT’S MY TURN! Ma you don’t ever let me finish, but now oh now it’s my turn! I’ve waited on you hand and foot. But when I need you for comfort after I just got gang raped and beat and all you can say is I told you so! No fuck that! I’M LEAVING AND I’M NEVER COMING BACK! I’m moving in with Umee . Bye


(Packs her things and cries while her mom sits downstairs with a straight face)



(Once she gets to Umee’s house)


Act 1, Scene 3




(Once she gets to Umee’s house)


Baby. I. Am. so. Sorry! Please please please forgive me! No no it’s not. It’s all my fault why the fuck would I make you go out there by yourself knowing that those people are trying to get you. I’m sorry, staying here? With me? I mean why? You have a home? I know you just got raped and I’m sorry. Don’t even be like that you know I want you here. It’s just that me and you living together will be trouble. A lot of trouble and I can’t handle it Melinda. Stop pulling away from me. I understand you’re really shaken up but if you stay here things won’t get any better. Only worst and you know that. Stop Melinda come back!


(Melinda runs off with tears streaming down her face and sleeps in a random cot the next morning she ends up in a hospital and talks to the doctor. When she see’s him she doesn’t panic there is actually a sigh of relief and she starts to talk to the doctor)


Act 1, Scene 4




Hey doc. Sorry I’m pacing I’m just sick and tired of no one caring! Sorry for breaking that. Matter fact I’m not sorry. I’m tired of being sorry all I did was say sorry as 3 huge men forced themselves inside me. Pregnant? Well …. They didn’t use a condom I don’t think. Didn’t feel it. I don’t remember what happened after a while. Why? Oh because they beat me until I was passed out. Yes, That’s why I keep my hood on. Take it off you say? *Starts shaking and take off hood* Yea, I thought I was going to die. I’m helpless. Can someone help me? No I’ve never been tested. I wouldn’t mind taking one. Well what happened was I have this girlfriend named Umee. Yes we’re sexually active. (The doctor stops her and says “ I know why they raped you, its called corrective rape and it only happens in South Africa” and she breaks down) Correct me? I don’t need correcting! I’m a good girl I don’t bother anyone and I’m nice to everyone even though everything around is falling apart as we know it! My mother basically hates me and my girlfriend won’t even let me live with her. When it’s her fault I’m in this mess right Oh yes it is her fault. Because I said so! If she had never ever left me to walk home none of this bullshit would have happened . … I’m so alone.


(They take Melinda to get a rapid AIDS, pregnancy and STD testing and wait about 20 mins … then the doctor calls her back)


Act 1, Scene 5




 Hi doc. Sooooo what’s the results? (Long pause) AIDS? ….. And I’m pregnant? No no no no this isn’t real! This can’t be happening to me. Can we take this test again because maybe you mixed the results around with someone else. Wha … Wh … What do I do? I’m so helpless. I could never tell my mom about this. She already judges me about everything I do and this would just make her hate me even more. Is there a cure !!!!???!!!?!?!?!?!?!


Act 1, Scene 6




Please calm down



(Doctor talking to Melinda as she places her hand on her knee)