Friedman; Creative Macbeth

​This creative project is an extension of an analytical essay assignment. This project shows Lady Macbeth’s transformation from a ruthless woman to a frail lady is both beautiful and pathetic.

The process of crafting this project started with an extensive period of brainstorming. It took nearly 3 weeks to come up with a pleasing idea for a project. The idea for news articles came from the fact that this story is very two-sided. After some planning on what the articles would be on, and how the quotes would be included, it was fairly easy to start writing. From there is was simple. 

The greatest difficulty, by far, was just getting everything done. The initial plan was to have many more articles that there are now, however due to lack of time, that number was reduced. The struggle was completing everything.

I am most proud of the contrast between the news sources. One article does not stand out to me in particular, however their relationships are very interesting and I am proud of them.

If I had the chance, I would start this project much sooner and create a legitimate news website and paper for the articles. However, due to limited time, this was not possible. 

I did not get to see any of the other projects because I was sick; so, sadly, I did not get to learn from my peers like I would have hoped. However, I learned something about myself. That is that I am not very excited about writing. I thought I might be, but I'm not. 

This is a collection of news articles from two news sources- "Scotland's Best" and "Scottish Times""Scotland's Best" is more positive towards Macbeth and what he does; whereas, the other is against his beliefs.