Full Podcast for "How to Lie with Statics"

This is the group's final podcast. Every member of the group (Sattera, Nashay, Amanda, and Adowa) spoke throughout the entire podcast. We all enjoyed reading the book and working together for our final benchmark of the year. The book taught us all plenty of valuable information that we will be able to apply to our own lives. As we were reading chapters seven through eleven we talked about many tricks and deceptions that people use through statics. One of those topics were semi-attached figures. That was about how people use figures that seem alike to trick people into thinking that they're the same thing. For example, in the book they said that nostrum cures colds because it killed 31,108 germs in a test tube. People unknowingly thought that since it killed so many germs in a test tube that it would be able to kill germs inside of humans. However test tube germs and human germs are two completely different. Another thing we talked about was the "before and after affect". Advertisements tend to use before and after pictures to prove how well their product works. However, they use different lightings and filters to make items seem better. I hope you enjoyed all our podcast. Thanks for listening.  
Final Stats Podcast