G10 Science Mini-Capstone

Project: I like the Evolution project. My group and I studied the chipmunk compared to the squirrel. 

Inquiry-I learned a lot this year. I liked most of the study island work and I really loved the Ecology unit we did 
Research-I used a lot of resources given to us in the beginning of the year, like the site where we could read the textbook online.
Collaboration-I was a part of the community because if there was something I didn't understand, I would go and ask around the class so that I could get a better understanding.
Presentation- I think that my greatest strategy was to look over my presentation and try and remember certain key points on the slides.
Reflection- Some of the things that I would do differently, is that I would try harder to hand in my work on time so that I don't have to worry and stress about the things that I need to turn in.