Gabby Santaniello Annotations

Dunn, Mike. Nutter Sets 9 PM Weekend Curfew For Minors In Center City, University City. August, 8, 2011.

In this article, the reporter talks about how Mayor Nutter is lowering the curfew in Philadelphia for minors 9:00pm on weekends. The curfew was put in place because of the rising mobs of kids joining in ‘flash mobs’. What I thought was interesting in the article was that it stated that Nutter himself said that it was only a small amount of kids joining in the flash mobs when there were many more than just the one they were reporting. 

The CNN write staff. Philly mayor hopes curfew plan brings back the love. August, 12, 2011. 

This article talks, again, about the curfew caused by flashmobs in Philadelphia, lead predominantly by minors. In this article, however, the mayor puts the blame on the parents as much as the children, saying that if they can’t control their kids then the children would be reprimanded by being prosecuted. The article states that minors caught breaking curfew would be sent home or to the police station and will be fined $100 to $300. 

Newall, Mike. Teen mod violence not a new problem. August, 8, 2011. 

This article speaks about the mob violence itself, specifically, flash mobs. It specifically says in the article that the kids, before the mob, had been roaming around West Philadelphia for hours. I picked out the article because it relates to what we’re talking about, how kids have nothing to do, therefore resort to their own forms of ‘entertainment’ which more often than not results in violence. 

Fiedler, Elizabeth. Officials In Phila. Plan Curfews To Curb Teen Violence. August, 11, 2011. 

This article speaks specifically on the topic that officials think that enforcing a stricter curfew will eliminate or at least drop the rate of teen violence. It also speaks about teenagers who were doing ‘anti-violence flash mobs’ where they just sit places and read books in large groups of kids. They’re tightening the curfew on Fridays and Saturdays, hoping to bring the kids in earlier and stop the violence that occurs later at night. 

Boyer, Dave. Philadelphia mayor talks tough to black teenagers after ‘flash mobs’. August, 8, 2011. 

This article basically reports on what the Mayor was saying to the kids that were in the flash mobs, telling them to stop acting like hooligans. He said he was adding extra police watchman to neighborhoods but made it clear that adding them and making a stricter curfew was not an excuse to harass any youth on the street. I added this because everything that’s a result of teens needing a way to spend their time ends up in more restrictions and keeping them locked away.