Gay, bisexual, Lesbian, Queer or Straight?

My name is Tyanna Pleasant and today, we will discuss why my sister, Dabreyah Pleasant, chose to like a person of the same sex, what she classifies herself as and why, and why my older brother, Talib Bailey, does not approve of her decision. 

While doing this project, I learned that crossing boundaries is when a person steps out of their comfort zone or when they make decisions that other do not approve of. My sister crossed boundaries when she decided to stay with her girlfriend even after some of the people in my family does not approve of it. She is doing what she truly believes. I think that in order to cross a boundary you have to do it because its what you want for yourself. Doing these interviews made me realize that my brother and sister are two totally different people, and they have different opinions. The fact that my brother does not like that our sister is dating someone the same sex as her bothers him. he does not understand why she wants this for herself. My sister on the other hand knows what she wants, which is Lynnae, her girlfriend. My strengths of this pod cast are having an interesting story. Also having my interviewees elaborate on their responses. A weakness may be trying to make my podcast longer. Also try adjusting the background music so that it all is at an equal level of quality.


Crossing Boundaries

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