Gina Dukes Capstone2012

Gina Dukes

Mentor: Matthew Kay


Capstone Abstract

Summary: The purpose of my project was to serve as the coach of SLA’s poetry slam team while also creating an online anthology of poetry in celebration of youth poets.


Abstract: Since the start of this year’s poetry club, I’ve been leading the group’s weekly meetings and had been coaching the team in preparation for the slam season. As the leader of the poetry club, I was in charge of developing activities, writing prompts and discussion topics that would inspire conversation and allow the group of students to open up to each other with poetry as the key. During my time leading the club, I’ve witnessed among the students that bonds had formed, confidence in public speaking developed and amazing growth shown in performances. After the end of the slam season, I sent out a call for submissions for the online anthology and was grateful that there were youth out there with a story to tell and were letting me publish it. While helping those who were just beginning to discover their voice, I in turn strengthened mine and learned many valuable lessons about revision, performing and believing in the power of telling your story. 

You can view my capstone below or click on this link to access it full screen.