Giving A Birthday Present

You need to know how to greet someone, tell them happy birthday, then how to welcome them back after they thank you for what you have done. To perform this task, you need to begin by greeting them. You can say, "Hola *INSERT NAME*!" which is you saying hello to that specific person. From that point, you can wish them a happy birthday. To say that, happy "feliz" and birthday "cumpleaños" must be put together to say happy birthday "feliz cumpleaños" After that to be polite you say thank you which is "gracias!" Then again to be polite you say, "your welcome" which is "de nada."

Here is a link to a website with some general phrases in Spanish!

Video Dialogue:
*Both walk into the scene*
Allen - "¡Hola Daniel!

Daniel - "¡Hola Allen, feliz cumpleaños!"

*Daniel hands present to Allen*
Allen - "Gracias Daniel!"
Daniel - "De nada!"
*Both walk out of the scene*


Here is a video of Daniel walking into Allen's 15th Birthday party and giving a present...

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