Giving Hope

Giving Hope

Giving back to the ones in need. In my two previous blog posts I gave a lot of information on Homelessness. I gave research that I found on the different kinds of people who became homeless and also explained why I chose to pursue this topic. In addition to my blog post #1, In my blog post #2 I also created my own research to gather information on people's opinions on Homelessness and reflected on it. IMG_1118.JPG

I woke him from his sleep to give him what i wanted to give him

There's many organizations out there trying to prevent homelessness from spreading in the U.S. One organization I found that is working currently in Philadelphia and it is called ¨Project Home¨. This organization helps break the chain of homelessness and gather volunteers to do so. I support this idea of helping to take down homelessness. By Having people volunteer on their own will to help out the homeless people makes my heart filled with joy. They even accept donations, so they can give to the homeless people. For my Agent Of Change I decided to go out and give some poor homeless people some food/snacks. Not only did I give them snacks but I also went and gave them some word of advice. I told them to keep on moving with life and to keep their head up. I told them that i had faith in them. One of the homeless people, responded with ¨I've been homeless for 22 years¨. I was very surprised and that made me question myself. How can you experience homelessness with your family and friends around you? I felt really nervous doing this project because I am not the type of person to go out there and confront a random stranger. When I went up to the homeless person, I felt really conscious of the people around me and what they would think but I overcame that and did what I needed to do. I learned that homeless people are often donated to not like I expected. I expected the homeless to be surprised that I gave them food but they weren't they casually took my food and thanked me.

           He's been homeless for 22 years.IMG_1124.JPG

Things i could've done better for my agent of change was maybe talk to more homeless and gather more stories. I only gave them some hope and food, I wish I had a longer conversation and gather more information on the homeless and listen to their story on how they got homeless. There's one thing that needs to be done in order for Homelessness to not exist and that is to get the word to the government. In my blog post #2 I talked about how different cities want to drive homeless people out the cities by doing different things like implementing homeless spikes and more. Instead of the government trying to get rid of the homeless people why not help the homelessness by implementing new laws that makes it less likely to be homeless. To rise up together, we need to lift each other up.


Here is my annotated bibliography!

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Ethan Halprin (Student 2018)
Ethan Halprin

Great job, I think making the change so directly by giving things yourself makes you project much more powerful. Also talking to them, and acting kind is very important, because it adds joy to their lives that they need.

Arielle Moore (Student 2018)
Arielle Moore

I liked your topic for Agent of Change, because at least everyday I see a homeless person when I come downtown. You would guess that since Philadelphia has such a high population of homeless people that this issue would be more apparent, but it's not. There are some organizations that target this issue but it's still a problem in our society. I thing it's great that you chose this as an agent of change, even though to some it doesn't seem like much, it made a huge difference in people's lives.

Jamal Hampton (Student 2018)
Jamal Hampton

I actually find it great that you did this for you Agent of change. It was really nice of you to give food to homeless because when you are living on the streets you cannot afford meals like anyone else.

Claire Byrnes (Student 2018)
Claire Byrnes

I think that this is an amazing Agent of Change! I admire Alex for confronting strangers, especially since he was nervous. Alex says, "I expected the homeless to be surprised that I gave them food but they weren't they casually took my food and thanked me." I hope this shows that other people are helping the homeless too.