Global Fiction Final Project

Behind the Beautiful Forevers​   

Book quotes:

1. "for every two people in Annawadi inching up, there was one in a catastrophic plunge".

2. "hope is not a fiction"

3.  "for every two people in Annawadi inching up, there was one in a catastrophic plunge"

4. "for the poor of a country where corruption thieved a great deal of opportunity, corruption was one of the genuine opportunities that remained".

5. "a smogged-out, prosperity-driven obstacle course... from which wads of possibility had tumbled down to the slums"

6. "Everything around us is roses," Abdul's younger brother, Mirchi, put it. "And we're the shit in between."

Book notes:

1. One thing being, the authorities harsh ways of taking unnecessary actions. They take things way too far and they know they are. The police are purposely being mean.

2. I feeling like Abdul would never do anything to harm or endanger his family. He does everything he can to keep them safe.

3. It’s hard to read this book and try to put yourself in the situation, since the things that occur in this book are far from our lives here today.

4. After reading this weeks section, I found myself feeling sorry for these characters. More so than I did previously.

5. The characters of this book really gives me an in depth detail of how an individual lives in the slums.

6. Katherine Boo was not just one of those typical Americans who goes to a third world country and writes a sympathy novel, she wrote a great book with a story.

Documentary notes:

1. A lot of slum schools that hold orphaned children are based off of praying and hope.

2. Many people give back to those below them, because they once were in that position as well.

3. Very religious. Everything has a reason behind it involving god.

4. “since there is no running water, many kids get sicknesses and diseases. So we are praying that god will give us working wells to get them clean water”

5.  A lot of togetherness, no one is really left behind or alone.

6. Since they don’t have many resources in the slums, they take whatever they do have and make it work for the best.

7. People that aren’t in the slums, such as Americans have so much sympathy for the slum children.

8. The people/ children living in the slums idolize Americans and see them on such a higher level.

9. Unity plays a big role in the lives of these people.

10. Slum schools are a huge safety net for the uprising of those children

11. Life seems harder for them, and they still try their hardest

12. Many people care, and try to make an effort to help.

Infographic draft/outline:

topic question- What makes the slums?

Using quotes from my outside source as well as my book to shape my infographic. I will also include many pictures. Since this is more of a visual representation I am going to keep all photo descriptions and information to a minimum. Though still enough to make it informational.

Citations: - iBelieve in India- Documentary

Behind the Beautiful Forevers
Behind the Beautiful Forevers