Globalization - Photos - Yadi Angeles

Here is my benchmark:

Global Photo BM


What I found most challenging in this project is surprisingly writing down the connections. I had a clear connection in my mind when I took the pictures, but it became very difficult to explain while I was actually typing it. I was actually expecting the finding pictures part more challenging, but I found myself quite easily finding connections through taking the pictures. 
I took pictures by walking around my neighborhood and thinking about the main themes. If I made a connection between a theme and something I saw, I'd take a picture. I selected the images that I saw the connections more strongly in. 
My favorite image is of the foreign Yu-Gi-Oh cards because I have recently become more open minded about a different card game. So when I learned a bit about these cards, it fascinated me how the exact same card in a different language could be worth more. In Germany, an english card is more valuable. That put something in perspective to me. How something not valuable at all to me, could be worth much more somewhere else.
I think globalization is pretty much the same everywhere. People just have to pause and actually look for it. 
I learned how important it is to keep an eye out for things in my day to day life. Sometimes it all just becomes a blur, and it's difficult to distinguish small things. I also learned how globalization is everywhere, especially now in this age where communicating with someone across the world isn't as difficult.