Globalization Benchmark

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Reflection on project:

Some of the most challenging parts of this project were finding what part of globalization that we learned in class to use and to pick from and collecting the images. To collect the images we had to take the pictures ourselves but I dont have a very good camera so that posed a problem and my favorite image in the project is one of a child's hands holding the American Flag as it is growing out of her hands, its a little hard to describe but that is my favorite picture, mostly because it fits perfectly with what I was trying to explain about globalization in that section of my benchmark. I personally believe that evidence of globalization in Philadelphia is greater then that of other states because Philadelphia was the first city created and it hold the most history. I learned a lot through this project, inclulding how to connect globalization to different places in Philadelphia, and the process of finding the places I need in order to best explain Globalization.