Going off the plan

​​ It was one of my final couple days me and cousin Tracy would be spending with my aunt Juanita in Princeton. We had gone out shopping and on our way to Walmart when on a when Tracy turned off the road and onto the highway.
"Lets mix it up! We are going to the beach"
I grinned excitedly from the backseat of the car. For me random little mix up like these I lived for and if it involved the beach I was triple excited. The trip passed by for a long while as I zoned out listening to a shuffle of Owl City's Ocean Eyes on my iPod. All the windows had been rolled down to cool out the hot car. Though it was a bit uncomfortable I ignored it at the thought of the trip being worth it.

 Over a hour into our trip Juanita convinced Tracy we needed more sunscreen and hats to protect ourselves from the sun one we arrived at the beach. Tracy turned the car into a random K-mart (I thought it was funny that we found one of the competitors to the place we actually meant to go to) parking lot. We got out the car, as I did I grabbed the dress I bought earlier in the day. To me it was not only as chance to literally feel cooler in the high heat but perfect moment to wear it. Once inside the store I asked a clerk inside if I could use their restroom or changing room which they allowed. Excitedly I went and changed before me and Tracy went on a scavenger hunt trying on hats and to find better sunscreen. Once done we returned to the car again and jetted off down the high way.

 Within another hour or so we arrived in a small beach town that we didn't even know the name of (and we still don't.) We drove through the town till we got to the other side to the beach. Quickly we found a parking spot then all climbed out. I dug in my purse fishing out my camera then hide my purse with in the seats again. We headed up the boardwalk and walked along. Many people were heading off the beach walking over to restaurants, walking along the board while others were still camped out with their families watching and playing in the waves. I looked around happily snapping away with my camera. After walking for a bit we bought some waters and sat on the side of the board walk looking at the shore line as the sunset began. I sat their admiring it then picked up my camera and tried to time it till I got the perfect shot. When I looked at the screen on my camera I felt proud feeling it was one of the best photos I had taken. The best photo taken on a random family trip that I would never forget.