Goldie Robins Perspective Reflection

Goldie Robins


Ms. Hull

 In the beginning of third quarter when we started art, with Ms. Hull she prepared us to do this project since the first day. We started to draw our shoe. Now some people may say that doesn’t help us with your perspective project but it prepared us with visual drawings, looking at something and drawing it, and drawing straight lines. Then we practiced drawing boxes, which was helpful with shapes. It got harder when we had to do draw the boxes above and below the horizon line. But that is what we had to do in our final drawing; everything is depending on the horizon line and the vanishing point. That was the first time we were introduced to perspective, and it definitely prepared me for the final drawing.  Every drawing in our sketchbook was preparing us and setting us up for this perspective drawing.

 The process basically was being ready in class everyday. Everyday I had another part of the perspective drawing to do, and I set my goal. What helped me a lot was the activities/ drawings we did to prepare our self up to the start of this perspective artwork.  The main process was just getting things done, and drawing.

 In my opinion there was nothing easy to learn and nothing hard to learn. Everything was set up as a challenge for me, and I just needed to reach my goal in that challenge. It doesn’t mean my goal was to finish it, make the drawing perfect and get everything I draw perfect. I didn’t know what I could and couldn’t do ,so I just tried. The only way you try was by coming to class prepared and to work . I could see what I did better hen others, but it doesn’t mean one thing was easy and one thing was hard. The point of a “challenge” is it to be challenging. Yes there could be strong points but this is artwork and what some of that drawing might be better then others, doesn’t mean that part was easier. So all in all, the whole project was a challenge not easy or hard.

 Person I picked:

 I picked, Henry Poeng’s drawing. I picked his because I saw how he worked well in class and really tried hard on his drawing. I also picked it because I thought he did a very “killer” job on his artwork. His was one of the many in our stream that was exemplary.